Model 113B28 | PCB Dynamic Pressure Sensors

Manufacture: PCB Piezotronics
SKU: 113B28

Platinum Stock Products;High frequency ICP® pressure sensor, 50 psi, 100 mV/psi, 0.218" dia. diaphragm, accel. comp.
  • Measurement Range: 50 psi (344.7 kPa)
  • Sensitivity: (±15%)100 mV/psi (14.5 mV/kPa)
  • Low Frequency Response: (-5%)0.5 Hz
  • Resonant Frequency: >=500 kHz (>=500 kHz)
  • Electrical Connector: 10-32 Coaxial Jack
  • Weight: 0.16 oz (4.5 gm)

PCB® Series 113B dynamic pressure sensors set the standard for extremely fast, micro-second response with a wide amplitude and frequency range. These characteristics allow them to excel in high-frequency applications, where minimum sensor diameter is required.

  1. Fast rise time ≤ 1 μsec from quartz element
  2. Ultra-high resonant frequency of ≥ 500 kHz
  3. Frequency-tailored output without the “ringing” characteristic of most other sensors
  4. Internal acceleration compensation minimizes shock and vibration sensitivity
  1. Combustion Studies
  2. Explosive Component Testing (e.g. detonators, explosive bolts)
  3. Cavitation
  4. Measurement of air blast shock waves