Accelerometers and Vibration Transducers

Accelerometers and Vibration Transducers

Data That Drives Innovation

Product development can be a daunting task; sooner or later computer models of dynamic performance expectations need to be validated in the real world.  Conversely, permanent, embedded monitoring of machines and structures is becoming a requirement across all industries and market segments, enabling the machines of the future. Dytran is an industry leader in innovative sensor technologies for both fields – product development testing and embedded solutions.

Fields of Use

Our experienced Applications Engineers are ready to assist you in selecting from a wide variety of dynamic force and pressure sensors,  piezoelectric (AC coupled)  and MEMS (DC coupled) accelerometers, USB triaxial accelerometers with embedded software, and digital bus-based sensors to provide the right sensors for the following markets: Environmental Test Lab, Research and Development, HALT/HASS Product, Development Testing, Machinery Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS), End-of-Line Acceptance Testing, Reliability Studies, Flight Test.



Dytran engineers utilize a wide range of piezoelectric and variable capacitance DC-MEMS technologies to design sensors that are uniquely suited to environments from the test lab to the test track to outer space.

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Pressure Sensors


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Accelerometers & vibration sensors