LMS Soundbrush testing


LMS Soundbrush testing

All in one box

1.LMS Soundbrush probe

2.Antenna (MIC or 3DINT)


4.Reference plate


6.USB Power Hub

7.Tracking camera


+ CD, calibration sheets

+ Quick Start Guide

+ Getting Started Manual

LMS Soundbrush: “From sound to source in minutes” How can this equipment do that?

Acoustic troubleshooting and sound source localization that helps you see what you hear in full 3D

LMS Soundbrush key values


Plug and play hardware via USB

Real time 3D Sound Intensity vector

Source Localization

Level quantification

Propagation visualization

Easy and flexible troubleshooting

  • Plug and play
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Simple object picture
  • Paste pictures in a 3D box
  • Full 3D model
  • Scan the full object (360°and large size objects)
  • Possibility to measure multiple camera positions
    (one camera in multiple positions)
  • Real Time 3D vector visualization
  • Sound quantification
  • Intensity vector
  • Sound Power calculation
  • Analysis
  • Sound filed 3D visualization
  • Contour plots

LMS Soundbrush:
Sound Intensity + Sound Source Localization

The LMS Soundbrush probe is the core of the system and allows plug-and-play combinations with a sound pressure microphone or a 3D intensity sensor. You can simply click the antenna with the acoustic sensor onto the probe, plug the USB probe and camera into your PC and immediately begin measuring sound.

1.Sound Intensity:

  • 3D Sound Intensity sensor

2.Position tracking

  • Camera tracks the handle position
  • Inertial system in the handle detects orientation

3.Sound Visualization

LMS Soundbrush software offers real-time sound visualization of the 3D sound field. The acoustic troubleshooting software follows an intuitive workflow that guides you through logical steps from setup to reporting. Powerful 3D data representation gives you a quick and accurate interpretation of the measured data.

Application examples

Download: LMS Soundbrush prochure


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