Passive and Active Safety Testing

Passive and Active Safety Testing


Full Scale Crash Test Facilities

Crash Test Facilities can perform different type of tests:

• Frontal impact
• Side impact
• Rear impact
• Car to Car impact with different angles
• Low speed / Bumper impact
• Oblique test
• Small overlap test
– Rollover test:
– Dolly
– Embankment
– Soil / Curb trip
– Cork Screw
• Integrated Safety Test: Passive & Active


Multi-purpose Launchers

E-Launcher has been designed for pedestrian and component impact test. The system includes a state of the art electrical propeller system, based on linear motors technology.

There are many advantages to the user:

• Better control and, therefore, much better impact speed accuracy
• Higher repeatability as system is less influenced by external factors
• Lower acceleration during the propulsion, protecting impact shapes from high force peaks
• Electric powered: clean and maintenance free
• Silent operation: less acoustic noise
• Compact design: less occupied space
• No need of preliminary tests
• Easy to operate

Other rotary electric motors and electro-pneumatic versions are also available for specific test purposes


Crash Simulation Sleds

The Crash Simulation Test system is a direct catapult able to propel the guided specimen platform (sled) up to the programmed speed, and decelerate it according to the regulation required impact curves.

Propulsion can be selected between bungee cords or electric drive. Deceleration can be selected between polyurethane tubes or bending bar barrier.Cost effective solution for homologation and COP tests

  • Modular, upgradable system
  • High speed accuracy: pulses predictable and repeatable
  • User friendly software
  • Pre-brake option
  • Turn-key supply, including civil work definition & supervisión
  • Integration of auxiliary equipment (DAS, high speed video, lighting, …)

Seat Belt Anchorages (SBA) Test System

New version of SBA test rig based in servo-electric actuators. The system includes a reliable real time controller with specific improved algorithms and control strategies for ECE R14 and similar type profiles.

• Clean and silent operation
• Optional Bed frame (different sizes)
• Enlarged actuators positioning range
• Straight forward and intuitive control
• Optional wireless pad for remote operation

ADDITIUM has introduced for first time the use of ULTRA LIGHT high resistance chains (Tycan®) that will improve your Seat Belt Anchorage Test Rig operation and test set up. The chains are 100% made of Dyneema highest resistance fibre, providing a lot of advantages replacing traditional steel chains.

Head Restraint Performances (HRP) Test Rig

The Head Restraint Performance Test system is an electrical test bench able to evaluate structural strength and stiffness of seats, their backs, anchorages and

The heavy-duty system is a cost-efficient solution, capable of testing up to 3 seats simultaneously and independently.
The system has been designed according to the following regulations:

• FMVSS 202A, FMVSS 202
• ECE R17, R25
• GTR 7
• EEC Dir 78/932
• GB 11550 – 1995, GB 15083 – 2006
• IS 15546 – 2005
• AIS 016, AIS 023

Roof Crush and Side Intrussion (RCSI)

The Roof Crush and Side Intrusion Test System is a combined test bench designed to evaluate the roof and side strength applying a controlled load over them.

This quasi-static test system could be equipped with electrical or hydraulic actuator.
The system has been designed according to the following regulations:

• FMVSS214
• FMVSS216a
• GB 15743


Gravity Based Impactors

Energy Absorption Impact Test Rig (EAITR)

Highly accurate new version based on gravity for energy absorption impact test.

The system includes control SW for automatization of test sequence and automatic calculation of release height depending on desired impact speed.

• Velocity: 15 km/h*
• Impact mass: 500 – 3500 kg*
• Energy: 13.500 J*
• Penetration distance: 400 mm*
• Brake for second impact avoidance
• Integrated speed meter
• Based on ECE-R42, GB17354-1998, FMVSS Part 581, CMVSS 215

Bumper Pendulum

Stiff steel structure supporting a weight adjustable swinging basket for performing test according to the following regulations:

• ECE-R42
• FMVSS part 581
• CMVSS 215
• GB17354-1998

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